Modern Law.
Traditional Values.
Our firm is often referred to as a "boutique" law firm. Born in Colorado in 2010, we started out as two guys who went to law school together at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law - Ted Gleason and Todd Wells. Gleason Wells. We enjoy our U.S. domestic law practice, but we are passionate about applying our skills and abilities in an international context. We teach in business and law schools in Denver and Grenoble. 
What makes us great? We focus on creating long term direct relationships with our clients and search for the most effective ways to represent each and every client depending on their unique needs. Sometimes, this requires close, almost daily, communication with a client. Other times, clients prefer to let us handle the small details and fill them in when necesssary. Whatever the case, whether we are drafting software development agreements, or handling a multi-year investor-state arbitration case, we assign a lead attorney to each matter, search for your preferred level of contact, and make sure that you get your preferred level of personal contact with that attorney.
When you retain Gleason Wells as your law firm, you also retain an individual attorney to guide you down your chosen path. We are committed to this personal approach. Above all, we stand by our clients. Learn more about our attorneys.